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My name is Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi and the space opera Starship "Apple of Discord" is my first major project.
It is about a regular person called Adam and his adventures. He will encounter alien civilizations and advanced technology.
I was inspired by Greek Mythology, when I created Starship "Apple of Discord". You know, the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians were the ones of the most elevated nations of Ancient Human History. The words "Sparta", "Caesar" or "Cleopatra" don't ring a bell for you? Well I founded another one: "Paris". This is not the name of the classy capital of the France. This is a name of a true hero, flesh and blood like me and you.
Allow me to offer a short brief of the legend of golden apple that inspired my to choose this title.

Zeus held a banquet. Eris, the goddess of discord, was not invited. She was spiteful so she threw a golden apple into the ceremony. Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera (the symbol of power and influence), Athena (the symbol of glory and wisdom), and Aphrodite (the symbol of beauty and desire). They brought the matter before Zeus, the master of the ancient Greek's universe. Zeus was cunning and he declined this responsibility. He assigned a man named Paris to solve this conflict. Paris made a choice and the aftermath was that the Trojan War started.

You will find an unusual interpretation interpretation of this legend in my space opera. In Starship "Apple of Discord", I created interesting alien species and cultures, and I described alien worlds and alien technology. I depicted space and ground battles in my action scenes. I used my knowledge of physics, mathematics, biology, genetics, history, geography, computer science, astronomy, chemistry and xenology, because I wanted to write a hard Sci-Fi space opera. Also, I invented genuine names for everything: planets, animals, plants, items, ships, characters etc. I made a database with all this information in order to keep track of them. The readers will not be bored with science facts and this huge dictionary, because my story line will flow easy and naturally. Also I created some bits of alien languages.

Since Starship "Apple of Discord" is a space opera, I populated it with villains and benevolent characters: aliens, humans, warlords, dictators, traders, scientists, artisans, space pirates, colonists, travelers, soldiers, kings and princesses. I carved carefully out this Sci-Fi universe.

Starship "Apple of Discord" is not another clone of Dune, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek etc. FYI I love all these books, movies and movie series. Maybe I am not the best or the most skilled writer, but I guarantee you that my books will offer you interestin stories. They will be something new and unexpected.Starship “Apple of Discord” has all the ingredients for becoming a successful book and later a movie / movie series: love, war, hope, mystery and fun. 

I finished the first three volumes of Starship "Apple of Discord" on November 11, 2017. I plan to write more, because this saga is not finished yet. Between the three they cover more than 1300 pages and 350k words. Now I am wainting for an answer from several publising houses from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and European Union. It will take a while and I am not sure that those publishers will agree to publish my space opera, since I am a debutant author. So, if you know any agents or publishers, please send them my way.

Take care and thank you for your interest in my Sci-Fi space opera Starship "Apple of Discord"!

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi, Sci-Fi author

Starship "Apple of Discord"


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This book is the work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



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